60days.com is an inspirational enterprise which targets itself; to be used as a daily operating benefit by the Small Business Community via virtual networking. Many Small Businesses otherwise known as (SME's) start-up each week, unfortunately many also cease trading each week, primarily due to poor cashflow, by way of late payments, and bad debts.

Our purpose is simple; for the SME community to be able to inform of their late paying customers, without divulging their own identity unless they so wish. This in turn provides visual current and up to date, late payment information, in order for informed decisions to be made on whom credit facilities are offered to. The provision of an introductory contact facility appertaining to every registered invoice allows for a detailed explanation to be obtained. 60days.com allows small businesses to introduce and promote their services, via the on site directory. As well as being able to seek directional pointers from other SME members who may have already experienced like for like problems. Combined together with the possible introduction into professional business bodies makes membership to 60days.com an invaluable business-operating tool.

Being a 60days.com member can help improve your cashflow, via preventative on the ground advice, which undoubtedly will go towards helping in reducing business costs. This in turn assists with the promotion of confidence, leading to an increase in business contacts, turnover, and retained gross profit, plus much, much more.

Why not sign up today and be part of something really special. Help others whilst helping yourself.


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